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 Lechler Inc

Manufacturer of Spray Nozzles and Systems

  • Flat Spray
  • Axial Full Cone
  • Tangential Full Cone
  • Axial Hollow Cone
  • Tangential Hollow Cone
  • Tank & Vessel Washing
  • Compressed Air
  • Atomizing
The Lechler company, formerly Spraco (the oldest U.S. manufacturer of industrial spray nozzles - est.1916) has manufactured spray nozzles since 1879. Their manufacturing plant in St. Charles Illinois is one of several world-wide serving the global marketplace.

In Lechlers' Catalog you will find:

Index of nozzles
Explanation of Lechers' part numbering system, description of basic nozzle types and useful engineering data used in spray nozzle selection.

Tank/Vessel Washing
A complete line of rotating and stationary spray nozzles for cleaning everything from small tubes and kegs to large vessels up to almost 50 feet in diameter.

Description of air atomizing nozzles. Contains descriptions of various options available for applications requiring fine droplets.

Hollow Cones
A listing of axial and tangential hollow cone nozzles for fine droplets through hydraulic atomization.

Full Cones
Narrow, medium and wide angle full cone nozzles in standard, wall mount, square spray and extra-large free passage configurations.

Flat Sprays
Very handy information to help you select the right flat spray, including free passage and overlapping suggestions to ensure a non-clogging, even distribution spray header. There’s also a listing of several special nozzles designed for spraying air.

Swivel joints, clip-on bodies and quick disconnect nozzles for simplifying and fine tuning your system.

Lechler has manufactured Industrial Spray Nozzles since 1879 and is the oldest manufacturer of Spray Nozzles and Systems in the world.  With five manufacturing plants worldwide, they are truly a global supplier of Spray Nozzles and Systems.  Our manufacturing Plant in St. Charles Illinois is just one resource for you to tap into - our global engineering staff can also assist you with your application.

Product Compatibility & Support
NPT, BSPP or BSPT, no matter what the connection type your equipment comes or ships out with, Lechler has a standard spray nozzle design for your application. With highly trained representatives throughout the U.S. and the World, assistance is never too far away.

A Systems Approach
Even the best spray nozzle is ineffective if it's not applied properly.  Lechlers extensive experience and database of applications enables them to provide you with a "systems perspective".