Wright-Austin Gas-Liquid Separators

The Wright-Austin line of gas and liquid separators is one of the broadest and versatile product lines available for industrial applications.  Anywhere liquid is entrained in a gas stream, these separators can be installed to dry it.  Used in conjunction with steam lines, compressed air and other compressed gas lines, Wright-Austin Separators protect expensive equipment such as steam turbines, prolong the life of desiccant air dryers and improve the quality of air used by air driven equipment.

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T Style Separators

Cast Iron or Carbon Steel, available with flanged, threaded or socket weld connections.

Very compact and has a low profile configuration, designed to be installed without support in-line.  Cast iron construction with threaded or flanged connections.

TS Style Separators

Designed for high liquid loading applications while maintaining high separation efficiencies over a wide flow range.


For use with higher than usual solids loading is a problem.  Conical sump enables collection at drain port.


For down flow or horizontal installations, mor than 10 pre-existing piping configurations available for increase versatility.

Wright-Austin Exhaust Heads

Exhaust Heads for removing water and oil from exhaust gases.  Greatly reduces roof maintenance, cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel.


This two stage separator removes particles to as low as 4 microns and are more than twice as efficient as "T" type separators.


Internal configuration to be installed within receivers, steam drums and other vessels.  Carbon or stainless steel construction for both up and down flow conditions.


This model is meant to heavy "slugs" of liquid and often used as a flash or surge tank.

Wright-Austin Float Drain Traps

Iron, bronze and stainless steel construction with stainless steel internal parts.  Optional heater for low temperature applications available.


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