Spray Nozzle Coverage Calculator

Need to calculate how to make spray headers to cover the width of a conveyor? - Than this is a very handy way to quicklyspray angle.jpg (8073 bytes) estimate your requirements!  This calculator is meant to assist you with estimating the number of spray nozzles required to receive a desired spray coverage based upon the variables of Spray Height, Spray Angle and Total Coverage Required.  This calculator was created with Flat Fan Nozzles in mind, but also works well for Full Cone Nozzles as long as you are trying to estimate the coverage across a target.

The Theoretical Spray Coverage Formula used for the spray angle coverage calculation is: 2*(Height*(½(Tan(Spray Angle))))

Directions: Change the blue INPUT numbers and Click the Update button. The resulting Theoretical Spray Coverage is based upon spraying 70°F water in a downward orientation. 

Spray Height
Angle, Degrees
Total Coverage
Required, inches
Squared Layout (Single Header)
Number of
Nozzles Required
Spray Coverage
Per Nozzle, inches
Effective Coverage
with 25% overlap, inches
Actual Overlap
Between Nozzles
Distance Between
Nozzle Centers, inches
1st Nozzle Center
(from Edge of Target) inches
Offset Layout (Every Other Header)
Actual Overlap
Between Headers
Distance Between
Header Centers, inches
1st Nozzle Center
(from Edge of Target) inches


  1. The Actual Overlap differs from  25% to evenly space the nozzles across the header, as the number of nozzles required is a whole number.
  2. Complex spray coverage patterns such as large circular/rectangular areas, specialized nozzle patterns such as Even Spray Descaling Nozzles and prediction of coverage for spray injected into a gas stream or pressurized vessel are all examples where this calculator is not useful.
  3. This calculator does not take into account such variables as Surface Tension, Specific Gravity or fluid temperatures ≠ 70°F.
  4. Spray Coverage is based upon Theoretical Coverage and doesn't take into account the collapsing effect that gravity exerts on a pattern for very high spray heights.  Theoretical Coverage is considered to be accurate for spray heights up to ~6 feet.  At these heights and higher it is suggested that you contact a spray nozzle specialist and review your requirements with them.
  5. The Effective Coverage Overlap is a suggested minimum and based upon using Flat Fan Nozzles or Full Cone Nozzles having a parabolic (tapered) spray distribution.

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