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PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) Spray Nozzles


Today's sophisticated plastics have taken their place in industry as the material of choice for many fluid-handling components. One of the most popular in recent years has been PVDF.  Lechler offers the broadest selection of injection molded nozzles from this material than any other manufacturer.


PVDF is an outstanding choice as a nozzle material for many reasons:


Chemical Resistance

PVDF is typically resistant to: most acids salts and weak bases, halogens and halogenated solvents, alcohol's, oxidants, DI water, UV and nuclear radiation.


Temperature Range

PVDF can be used at temperatures as high as 285° F depending on the chemical environment and operating pressures of the system. Like most fluoropolymers PVDF is inherently flame retardant.


Abrasion Resistance

PVDF is one of the most abrasion resistant fluoropolymers. In abrasion tests PVDF ranks with the best plastics and in most nozzle applications it will outlast many metals, PVC and PTFE.


Mechanical Strength

PVDF is one of the most rigid fluoropolymers. PVDF's exceptional tensile strength allows nozzle construction without the thick sections normally associated with plastics, while allowing operating pressures normally available only with metallic materials.


FDA Acceptance

PVDF is accepted by the FDA for use in a broad range of food and pharmaceutical applications where stainless steel was once the only choice.



All of these features are available at a low price. Lechlers injection molded nozzles are usually less expensive than stainless steel versions, so they offer exceptional cost effectiveness.


Forget the crude performance of machined PVC nozzles. Lechlers injection molded PVDF selection offers spray distribution as good as the best brass and stainless steel counterparts. With in-house mold-making and injection-molding, Lechler can control quality and manufacturing to ensure the quality of performance you've come to expect from all of Lechlers products.


Lechler offers a large selection of molded PVDF nozzles in a wide variety of spray patterns and capacities, including tank cleaners and vaneless full cones. Look over the selection and see if you can make the change to PVDF.


A = amorphous C = clear Cr = crystalline E = excellent G = good
P = poor O = opaque T = translucent R = Rockwell S = Shore