Industrial Fluid Handling Products for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Technical Products and Services, Inc. has specialized in the application and sales of industrial fluid handling products for more than 25 years.  Our complimentary product offering and consultation based selling methodology ensures a cost effective solution for even the most complex applications.  In addition to being expert field agents for the product lines we represent, the manufacturers we've chosen to work with are leaders in their respective industries.  We tie the resources of all these companies together to provide a single source, systems oriented solution to your application.

Lechler is one of the worlds oldest and largest industrial spray nozzle and systems manufacturers. Their Pharmaceutical Products Division is tasked with helping customers choose the most efficient and effective spray nozzles for cleaning reactor vessels and related pipeline equipment used in manufacturing pharmaceutical products.  With both static and dynamic spray balls to choose from, we have the expertise to advise which spray balls to use and where they should be placed to provide 100% coverage of the reactor interior, including mixers, baffles and recessed nozzle inlets.  3A approved designs are available in PTFE and polished 316SS.

The quality and longevity of our lives is directly influenced by continuous advancements in medicinal products. Regardless of whether prescription or over the counter, many of the manufacturing and/or packaging processes require Sonic Engineered Blowers and Air Knife Solutions to help complete various phases. From drying containers of infant formula, air conveying scrap foil from packaging, handling air or gas at the formulation stage to accelerated drying of mixing and storage tanks, Sonic designs systems for nearly ever stage. Sonic's in-line air filtration systems (HEPA 0.3 micron or ULPA 0.1 micron) help protect the most critical of environments. Review Sonic's exclusive Performance Guarantee.
With thirty plus years of proven performance and reliability in the toughest industrial equipment, process and metering applications, these pumps are the undisputed pump of choice for trouble-free operation where other pumps simply cannot survive.  EPM Series pumps are utilized for a wide range of metering and dosing applications such as additive dosing, container filling, disinfection/sterilization solution metering and spray coating.  To meet the specific requirements of the metering industry, EPM pumps are unmatched in their precise performance for dosing chemicals in the pharmaceutical industry.  Compared to other simplex, duplex and triplex metering pumps EPM pumps cost significantly less. EPM pumps operate at flow rates to 2,100 GPH and pressures to 2,500 PSI and can run dry without damage.

Vector Pumps are roller actuated peristaltic hose pumps and are used primarily for transfer of liquefied pharmaceutical products because there are no internal valves, mechanical seals or other mechanisms within the pump that could result in product residue and contamination.   They are more efficient to operate than air operated diaphragm pumps and offer some additional flexibility in many applications.  Using FDA approved materials such as Pharmed and Varprene Vector pumps provide an economical way to transfer fluids that are otherwise difficult to pump.  These are typically operated with a standard electric motor, gear reduced and controlled via a variable frequency drive for precise flow control.  Their gentle pumping action enables them to pump shear sensitive fluids and slurries containing relatively large solids.  Vector Pumps have excellent suction lift capabilities and maintenance is typically limited to just a few hose changes per year.

Factory Direct Pipeline Products Inc. is the largest online wholesaler of industrial strainers and filtration equipment with over
500 types of strainers and filters with more than 800 filter bags and strainer baskets to choose from.  In pharmaceutical manufacturing plants their 316SS filter housings and FDA approved filter bags are used to purify water, oil and other ingredients.  As compared to cartridge filters, filter bags provide more holding capacity and are ultimately both more effective and less expensive to use.  Filter housings can consist of 1 to 24 chambers (up to 3,000 GPM) in simplex or duplex configurations. Factory Directs filter bags will fit most competitors filter housings and no charge samples can be provided for evaluation.

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